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BBQ Fundraiser

Thank you everyone who attended the BBQ at Shercock.

Bio Sand

Bio-sand filters

Since this is a new technology for the area (though well proven elsewhere), specialists from the USA will conduct a full training program in Ndop in November 2009 - including an explanation of the principles of bio-filtration. Practical workshop instruction will be given to specific villagers on the construction of metal moulds and the production and correct use of the concrete filters.

Well Construction

Well construction

An agreed standard design of hand dug well will be used. The same design will be used in all villages where wells are to be dug Negotiations are underway with an experienced well constructor. Each hand dug well takes three weeks to complete..

Micro Enterprise

Community Development

Competent technicians will be encouraged to develop small businesseses around fabrication of moulds and the installation of filter units. These will be financed by micro-finance loans on favourable terms.

Water for Cameroon is a registrered charity in the Republic of Ireland - Charity no.CHY 20583